Thanks for joining me!

I am Shannon and I am so glad you’re here! My passion for food and people comes together when I get to feed the people I care about, so welcome to the club! I created this blog to share the kitchen secrets I can’t live without, some classic southern recipes, and plenty of clean-eating dishes that I have cooked up just for you! My recipes are often dairy and gluten free, mostly paleo, and sometimes Whole30. In between cooking, eating, and telling you all about it, I work in property management, love to read, and find myself on an unsettling number of bad first dates. PSA: There is nothing wrong with cooking and enjoying a nice steak dinner by yourself/with your cat. (Right?)

My love for cooking started from watching my mom make family dinners every night, seeing people react to my Grandma’s famous caramel cake, and gorging myself on the fresh picked fruits and veggies my Kookie (grandfather) always had at his house. My goal is to bring the same love, warmth, and deliciousness to your table!

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